For an accessible, digital and inclusive Europe of citizens

The AccessiblEU project aims to provide schools in the 27 EU Member States with the necessary resources to offer European civic education using digital technology, through online or distance learning.

Progetto AccessiblEU


From May 2021 to April 2023, this project aims to make European civic education inclusive and accessible to all.


  • Teachers and educational staff - who are too often unable to deal with the topic of European citizenship by adapting the dialogue to digital tools.
  • People with disabilities - in fact, it is pupils with disabilities who had the most difficulties with e-learning during the lockdown period.
  • Pupils wishing to undertake European mobility projects.
    In order to remove obstacles to digital education on European citizenship, this project will allow the creation of outputs aimed at strengthening teachers' digital competences in this field.



  • Output 1
    Training modules for trainers and educators on European civic education, online or distance learning, in the form of MOOCs.
  • Output 2
    Adapted educational resources for pupils with intellectual disabilities.
  • Output 3
    Serious games on European mobility.